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FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you call these Hero Shirts?

The world has seemed pretty negative to us lately, and we really are tired of it. It's a pity when there are so many bad things wrong, that the negative is on peoples lips so much, there is no room for the positive. We know every profession has it's bad apples. We also know, that the majority of the helping professionals out there, are just that, Helping Professionals. 
Our way of combating some of the negativity, is to recognize who are heros amoungst us. The obvious choices are on the website, the people who show up when you are sick, afraid, and in danger. As the weeks roll on however, you will see a mom or a dad shirt. They were, afterall, my first heros. But it will go on from there. The main ones will continue, but remember, we are all heros, if we choose to act like it.

Can I get my order over night?